Communication with members and how to advertise

Spaceport CCD- art by Iain Clark

We will be adding links to the progress reports as they become available here.  If you aren’t receiving your progress reports by paper or email please let us know.

Progress Reports:

  • PR5 (PDF)
    • A Message from the Chair
    • Programme Link
    • Logistics Jobs & Volunteers
    • Site Selection
    • Map of Venues
    • Accesibility Services
    • Warhoon 28
    • Box Office
    • Registration
    • About the Surrounding Area…
    • Membership List
    • Membership Breakdown
    • New AirBnB Law in Ireland
    • Maps: CCD
    • Maps: Point Square
  • PR4 (PDF)
    • A Message from the Chair
    • Post – We love mail
    • Brexit Update as of 11 April 2019
    • Programme
    • Exhibits – Update and what we have going on
    • Volunteers Needed!
    • Code of Conduct and Listeners
    • Accessibility Services
    • Fantastic Dublin Fund Update
    • Promotions and Press
    • Special Events
    • Advertise with us
    • New AirBnB Law in Ireland
    • Membership List – as of 19 March 2019
    • Membership Breakdown
  • PR3 (PDF)
  • PR2 (PDF)
    • A Message from the Chair
    • Programme
    • Exhibits Hall – what it is and how you can get involved
    • Parties
    • Accommodation
    • Childcare
    • Accommodation
    • Accommodation Map
    • Advertise with us
    • Accessibility
    • Meet-ups
    • Fantastic Dublin Fan Fund
    • Membership List – as of 12 October 2018
  • PR1 (PDF)
    • A Message from the Chair
    • The Convention with a View
    • Advertise with us
    • Programme
    • Theatre Call
    • Site Selection Vote
    • Membership list – as of 14 April, 2018
  • PR0 (PDF)
    • Guests of Honour
    • Venue
    • Volunteer
    • Contacts

Souvenir Book:

Our Souvenir Book is available online at this link.

Are you attending Dublin 2019? If you are, please ignore this post. But if you have a supporting membership or an attending membership but CANNOT attend, then please read on.

As a member of Dublin 2019, you are entitled to receive a copy of our printed souvenir book even if you could not attend. A World Science Fiction Convention souvenir book serves as a source of reference for attendees and provides a memento for the future. But printing and shipping costs are significant, so if you don’t want one, then we’d like you to let us know.

If you DO NOT wish us to mail a Dublin 2019 souvenir book to you, please follow this link to opt-out. If you DO wish to receive a souvenir book, you do not need to do anything UNLESS your postal address has recently changed or you are unsure if you provided one when you registered. In that case, follow the link to update your postal address. You may also request a link to a downloadable PDF version on the form.


We have numerous advertising opportunities with Dublin 2019 – in one of our Progress Reports or in our Souvenir Book (given to all attending and supporting members of the convention). Rate sheets are below:

Below are our order forms for these advertisements:

Advertising Submission Deadlines:
  • Progress Report 4 – 20 March
  • Souvenir Book – 15 June
  • Progress Report 5 (electronic edition only) – 20 June

If you have any other questions about advertising in our publications, please email us at