Information for Future Worldcons Q&A – Fannish Inquisition Panel

Information for Future Worldcons

To prepare for the Future Worldcon Q&A-Fannish Inquisition, taking place on Friday, 16 August at 16.00 in Wicklow Hall 1, each known seated Worldcon and bidder was sent a questionnaire to complete so a good amount of the standard information would be available in advance of the session.  All completed questionnaires are linked below


DC in 2021

Chicago in 2022

Chengdu in 2023

Memphis in 2023

Nice in 2023

Spokane in 2023

Glasgow in 2024

Seattle in 2025

Perth in 2025

Any additional questions can be written down and given to the moderators during the session.  This information will be announced at the start of the panel.