We are committed to maximising the accessibility of the Dublin 2019.

Mobility Scooter Rentals

We are now accepting requests for mobility scooter bookings. Please complete this form to request a scooter.

Accessibility Policy

At Dublin 2019: An Irish Worldcon, we are committed to maximising the accessibility of the convention. We are continually reviewing and updating this policy, so if you have any comments, suggestions, requests, or if you would like to get involved with the Access Team please contact us at

Dublin 2019 is working to be as accessible as possible to all needs. Services are available to all who request them, and proof of need is not required. Our Access policy covers, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Deafness/hearing impairment
  • Blindness/vision impairment
  • Mental health, including PTSD and anxiety
  • Crowd sensitivities
  • Neurodiversity, including Autism, ADHD, and Down’s Syndrome
  • Mobility aid users, including wheelchairs, mobile scooters, and crutches
  • Recent injury or surgery
  • Chronic pain, fatigue, or other long-term physical impairments
  • Late-term or complicated pregnancy

In addition to the Access Policy, we will provide further information helpful for people with Access needs nearer the time, this will expand on the following.

Everyone can help

We believe in the importance and kindness of the SFF community. Everyone can help make sure that Dublin 2019 is a safe, welcoming environment. Whether you’re attending as a member, a Programme Participant (are involved in a panel or event), or as a volunteer, please consider the following:

Panels and Events

If you are a Programme Participant, you will be given specific guidelines nearer the convention and these will be made public. Guidelines will include requests to:

  • Keep your mouth visible when speaking for those who lip-read
  • Use the microphones provided
  • If giving a presentation, make sure to use high colour contrast and clear text
  • Use captions for any video or content
  • Describe any visual aids
  • Please let the Access Team know if you plan to use any flashing images or strobes so that members can be advised in advance

Offering Help

Some people with accessibility needs will require help from time to time, others won’t. In most cases, what seems awkward or difficult to you will be what works best for that person. If someone appears to be struggling, do offer to help, but if they say no don’t be offended. Never touch a person’s accessibility aid without permission.


Many members will have disabilities and illnesses, both visible and invisible. We ask you to respect their privacy and not ask questions about their conditions. Likewise, please don’t offer suggestions for treatments or “cures.” We’re here to share our love of science fiction and fantasy, so let’s stick with that.


Please be mindful that some people may be sensitive to strong fragrances as they can trigger allergies or cause breathing difficulties.

Quiet Room

We will have a Quiet Room available for the duration of Dublin 2019. We can also try to find a place of total isolation if you are experiencing sensory overload.

The following rules will be in place in the Quiet Room:

  • No food or beverages (excluding water) are allowed in the Quiet Room. This is to protect other users who may have food allergies or sensitivities.
  • Electronic devices are allowed, but must be used with headphones or have all audio muted.
  • No photography, videography, or audio recording is allowed at any time in the Quiet Room, to ensure privacy of all users.
  • Breastfeeding and other infant care is allowed in the Quiet Room.
  • No sleeping is allowed in the Quiet Room.
  • Sensory and calming objects are permitted.

Let us Know if Something is Wrong

If you see that something is causing a problem, let one of our Access Team volunteers know, and we’ll take care of it to the best of our ability as quickly as we can. If you spot an issue that we have overlooked and know how to fix it, please tell us. We are happy for the help.


General information on accommodation is available on the Accommodation page. Accessible hotel rooms can no longer be booked through the Access Team. Please contact your preferred hotel directly for room-booking queries.

Our Venue – Convention Centre Dublin (CCD)

The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) is a lovely modern building which opened in 2010 and is an accessible building.

Free Passage

Please be conscious of access ways at entrances and in corridors. Wheelchair-users or those with other mobility aids might not be able to pass through smaller spaces.


Two unisex toilets for those with disabilities are located on each floor. Toilets are generally located at the front of the building, opposite the lifts, or towards the back of the building on either side.

Please be considerate of those with accessibility needs and use non-wheelchair-accessible toilets if you can. If you see a non-wheelchair user entering an accessible toilet do not assume they are “jumping the queue”. Many people need to use these toilets because they have temporary health needs or invisible disabilities.

Lifts (Elevators) and Stairs

The main CCD entrance is accessible via a ramp. There is lift (elevator) access to all levels, as well as stairs and escalators. There are four public lifts, two each side of the CCD. They are equipped with safety buttons that will keep the doors open until the ‘close door’ button is pressed.

The lifts at the CCD are available for everyone to use, but many members will depend on them to reach various areas of the convention. While for some this will be obvious, such as for wheelchair-users, others may have needs which are not visible, such as arthritis, breathing issues, or problems with their knees or backs that mean stairs are not a viable option. Please use the escalators when possible, and make room for other members in the elevators when you can.

Visual Impairment Aids

All rooms, halls, and toilets are signposted in large print and Braille, in Irish and English. All lifts have Braille buttons.

Wheelchair Access

All meeting rooms at the CCD are wheelchair-accessible. The Auditorium is accessible for wheelchair-users. There is a lift to the stage and there is backstage access through a sloping corridor.

Most rooms have power switches at a low height to open the doors, and in rooms without, the doors themselves are lightweight and easy to open.

Flat screens outside the doors are easy to reach and view for wheelchair users. Panels controlling the lights, air conditioning, and blinds can be seen and reached by wheelchair users.

There are a limited number of wheelchairs available to borrow, and we will have mobility scooters available to rent. More details will follow in the future.

Smoking and Vaping

Smoking is illegal in all indoor workplaces in Ireland, including the CCD. Please only smoke in the designated smoking areas outside the building, but also be considerate of the needs of those passing by. Cigarette smoke can trigger allergies and asthma attacks.

Vaping, while legal in indoor workplaces, is not permitted inside the CCD. Please use the designated smoking areas, as above.

Service Animals

Recognised service animals are welcome at the CCD. No other animals are permitted. Bowls of water can be provided on request, either from the Access Team or the CCD staff.

Service animals play an important role in an individual’s accessibility needs. Please do not pet, talk to, or take photos of service animals, as this can distract them from their work.

Assisted Hearing

All meeting rooms and halls have an induction hearing loop. All halls and the auditorium have an infra-red hearing system with devices that can be loaned out that will connect with hearing devices. We are unfortunately unable to offer sign language services. We will have CART (live-captioning) available at certain events. More details will follow in the future.

Babies and Children

There are baby-changing facilities located in the wheelchair-accessible toilets on each floor.

Dietary Requirements

Catering options at the CCD are being explored. We will be working with the CCD to ensure gluten free, vegan, and vegetarian options are available.

Electrical Equipment

Every meeting room and hall, including the Auditorium, has power outlets available if you need a power supply for medical reasons.

Fire and Emergency

CCD staff are trained in evacuation procedures for people with limited mobility. In the event of an evacuation, you will be escorted to a refuge by CCD staff. There are refuges for people with limited mobility throughout the venue.

First Aid

CCD staff are trained in First-Aid. Defibrillators are located in the Medical Suite, the Security Control Room, and in large meeting rooms.


  • All meeting rooms at the CCD have adjustable lighting and curtains, including blackout curtains in all rooms.
  • There is minimal sound bleed between rooms.
  • Different seating types, including sofas and chairs with firm backs, will be available.

We will be adding more information, including venue maps and photographs over the next few months.

Getting Around


Dublin is an easy city to navigate; everything runs in relation to the River Liffey. The CCD is north of the river about 1.6 kilometres (1 mile) from the city centre where most of the shopping and tourism sites can be found.


All trams and Dublin buses are wheelchair-accessible. Despite this some planning is needed. We will provide detailed accessible transport information nearer the time of the convention so that it is as accurate as possible. If you would like to read more please go to the Transport for Ireland website or ask us any specific question you may have.


The CCD’s on-site car park has 8 dedicated spaces for those with a disabled person’s parking card. The car park has lift access to all floors, and there is a drop-off point outside the main entrance. As of February 2018 the parking lot is open from 7am to midnight, 7 days a week, and rates are €3.50 per hour or €25 per day, with an evening rate of €10 from 6pm to midnight. You may pre-book your parking up to two weeks in advance. There are also numerous car parks near the CCD.


August in Ireland is temperate, with highs of around 18 to 20 degrees centigrade, and lows of about 10 degrees. (50 Fahrenheit, It’s a good idea to bring at least a light coat or jacket with you, and as this is Ireland, be prepared for rain!