Touring Tuesdays: Giant’s Causeway

It was a bit of a gloomy August morning, with a hint of rain, as the bus dropped us off by Dunseverick Castle, the remains of a 6th century fort on the Antrim coast. It’s perhaps not the most impressive fort, as there’s almost nothing castley still standing, though it’s not hard to see why […]

Finest Public Toilet in Dublin

Where All the Big Lads Hang Out… by Pádraig Ó Méalóid It’s the middle of August 2019, and you’re in Dublin for Worldcon – a Stranger, if not in a Strange Land, at least in a strange city. A strange city with many secrets, which sometimes only the locals truly know about. You’ve heard all […]

Touring Tuesdays: Newgrange with James Shields

After a brief hiatus, we’re happy to be back with our intrepid traveler and photographer, James Shields! Newgrange One of the most famous heritage sites in Ireland, I’ve been going to Newgrange since I was a small boy, and it’s always been an inspiration for me. At almost 5,000 years old, the site is older […]

Touring Tuesdays: Fore Abbey with James Shields

Fore Abbey, Co. Westmeath It was a glorious spring day when we set out for Fore Abbey in County Westmeath. This tiny village hides some fantastic medieval ruins, most notably the 13th century Benedictine monastery.   The monastic settlement was originally founded by St Féchín (insert “feck” joke of your choice) in the 7th century, […]