Dublin Comicon Revisited…

Back in August, we attended the Dublin Comic Con and gave out thousands of free science fiction books. It was a fantastic event, and we really enjoyed meeting so many Irish fans. Whilst we were there, we also spent time watching how the venue itself functioned. Over 15 000 fans came through the doors over the weekend, and for us it was an opportunity to see how some of the areas in the venue functioned with a high volume of people. We also got to chat to local traders and the event organisers, getting their experiences of the CCD in action as well as making our own observations about running a large event in this venue.

One of the groups present were Pulse College, who were making videos and interviewing people throughout the weekend. They grabbed Brian, our Head of Irish Promotions, and also interviewed many of the guests, fans and traders who took part in the event. They’ve put together this great video of the event, and we thought we’d share it because not only does it show some of the areas in the centre which you may not have seen yet, but it also showcases the importance and vibrancy of Irish fandom.

Pulse College is also one of many different learning opportunities for creative digital media types in Ireland. We’ll be featuring an upcoming writing course by Oisin McGann on Irish Fiction Friday soon (spoilers!), and if you want more starting places to look at why not check these out:

And for kids:

Enjoy the video!