Progress Report 2 is out!

Dublin 2019’s Progress Report #2 is out and wow it is full of great information!  You can learn about what is going on with our Programme, learn about all the activities going on in the Exhibits Hall (and how to participate in them) and initial childcare information.  Hotel booking information also included, along with information […]

Would Paneling – Programme Surveys Have Been Sent!

Fáilte, a cháirde! It’s that time again! The time that people who would like to be on paneling look forward to the most. It’s the Great Worldcon 2019 Mailing! If you have submitted a Programme Participant Query form, you should have received a survey by now. Everyone who wants one will receive a survey. Although […]

Touring Tuesdays: Biking in The Bog

This week Nigel Quinlan takes us to Lough Boora Discovery Park in Co Offaly. Lough Boora Discovery Park is way out in the middle of nowhere, which is where the best bits of Ireland can often be found. It’s a cutaway raised bog in County Offaly, somewhere between Birr and Tullamore, and can be reached by […]