The Dublin 2019, Worldcon Philharmonic Concert

It has been an absolute delight for me to be involved with some of the planning process for the Concert on Friday night. A full orchestra of over 50 players, performing music of relevance to us, is an incredible event to enjoy, and it was important to Helen Montgomery and John Brown, the Events division […]

Seachtain na Gaeilge: Dublin 2019 Pub Quiz!

by Carol Connolly Our Irish team were on hand to welcome everyone and make sure a grand time was had by all Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) is an international Irish Language festival that runs from 1 – 17 March every year. Community and cultural groups, local authorities, libraries, and schools organise events for […]


We’re very keen to promote Irish Fandom, and the many conventions and events that run throughout the year. Today we’re got a guest feature by Phil Lowles of Titancon, talking about the convention next week. Several of us will be there and it’s a really great convention with a lot of heart. Because of Belfast’s close […]