Getting Trained at Gaelcon!!

Hello everyone! We’re very much enjoying a lot of con-going as the evenings start to draw in and the night becomes dark and full of terrors. Coming up next on our schedule are Eirtakon, Novacon and Gaelcon. We’ll be running tables at all of these, and at Gaelcon we’ll be bringing games! Please drop by and play them with us, find out about the Bid and maybe even support us.




At Gaelcon we also have a rather special contribution for the fan auction on Sunday. This weekend sees the launch of the Ticket to Ride, UK Edition. The map also spreads across the rest of Ireland, and is the fifth expansion for the series. Ticket to Ride is a fantastic ‘gateway’ game, and if you’ve not played, we really recommend it. And it has trains in it; what more could you want?


We’ll be donating our copy to the auction and very much encourage you to go along and bid. Irish fans are known for their generosity, and you can read about the Gaelcon auction here.

Ticket to Ride UK has been donated to us by Eclectic Games in Reading, UK. Eclectic ran many of the demo games in the Games Tent at Loncon, and have been supporting Dublin 2019 right from the start. They recently launched their new premises, and we’re proud to have sponsored four chairs in their gaming room. So, you’ll be able to go in and sit on a famous mythical or literary SFF character from Ireland when you visit to play some games; Dracula, Morrigan, Gulliver or Grainne! Eclectic are also a sterling example of the growing games communities in Ireland and the UK.