Hotels and other accommodation for Dublin 2019

The Gibson Hotel in Dublin


Hotel bookings open January 9, 2019!

We have been negotiating with Dublin hotels to get the best rates possible, and have secured blocks in many 3 and 4 star hotels near the city centre, including all those closest to our venue – The Convention Centre Dublin (CCD). All have given us heavily discounted rates, often 15-30% lower than the average lowest rate you would have found for those same hotels in August 2018.

However, even with this level of discount, the high starting point for Dublin hotel rates means that the hotel accommodation will not be cheap. We currently expect our rates to average €205 for single occupancy and €219 for double occupancy, with a low of €165 for single occupancy at a four star hotel and a high of €315 for double occupancy in a luxury five star hotel close to the CCD. Note that these prices include taxes and a full Irish breakfast. The equivalent room-only, pre-tax rate would be €163 (around $200 at current FX rates). We are also exploring the possibility of triple and quad occupancy rates at our hotels.

To achieve the substantial discount, we have had to accept some special terms that may affect the scheduling of your booking:

  • Payment in Full – When you book, the full amount for all the nights of your stay will be charged as a deposit.
  • Refunds & Cancellations – Payment will be fully refundable if the booking is cancelled up to May 10, 2019 (just over 3 months out from the first night you can book at the convention rate). Beyond that date, it will be 50% refundable for another month. After 10th June 2019, the deposit will become non-refundable.
  • Block Expiration – You will not be able to book at the convention rate in these hotels after June 10, 2019, as any unsold rooms in our block will have been returned to the hotels for sale on the open market – almost certainly at rates significantly higher than before.

However, we are doing everything we can to alleviate these challenges, including investigating ways to allow members to transfer their hotel bookings to other members after the deposit deadlines have passed, should they find they cannot attend the convention at the last minute. As with memberships, we will do all we can to facilitate these transfers, but the agreement will be between the members, and we cannot guarantee that they will find a buyer, or that members will find someone offering a booking.

Negotations continue with the hotels, and we still hope to add more rooms. In the meantime, we are making available what information we can, so that you can begin to make your accommodation plans well ahead of our hotel booking opening in January 2019. See our hotels page for a list of our hotels, with details of their locations and rates.

Other accommodation

We will also have a range of cheaper non-hotel accommodation, including over 250 en-suite rooms in student accommodation (50 of them are twin rooms), as well as some one- and two-room apartments able to house over 100 people. These offer substantially cheaper alternatives to our hotels, and we are looking to expand these options.

In addition, there may be some cheaper hotels available in the city centre (generally smaller hotels, with lower star ratings) and in the suburbs or near the airport (with longer travelling to our venue). There are also some hostels and other budget alternatives available that will probably even undercut student dorm solutions. You can also opt for the personal touch of staying at a Bed & Breakfast or renting your own accommodation through short-term lets such as AirBnB. For those who decide to go this route, we will soon provide more information, including on the different areas of the city and which have the best transport links to our venue.


For those with room-related access needs, you’ll be able to make reservations in December 2018, before general booking opens. In addition, our Access team of Paul and Jen are available at for any queries. For general hotel-related questions, please contact