Dublin 2019 Hotels

Dublin 2019 hotels – details, locations and rates

Dublin 2019 Hotels

This page is where we will publish and update details of the Dublin 2019 hotels. See our accommodation page for general information information about accommodation, and the special conditions that will apply to hotel bookings.

  • Hotel map – showing the hotels with which we have negotiated rates. Note that the location of Convention Centre Dublin is towards the right center of the map, just under the Dublin Port arrow. Here’s the LUAS tram map. The CCD is on the Red line, just south of the Spencer Dock stop.
  • Hotel details – information on the hotels and the agreed rates, as of December 2018. Each property has a Web page, linked below.

How to Book

You can now book directly with Conference-Partners, our hotel booking bureau.

If you have any problems creating an account with Conference-Partners, please contact facilities@dublin2019.com, and they’ll send it to you as quickly as possible.

Geographic Groupings

We have divided our hotels into three groups:

Note that the Hyatt Centric The Liberties Dublin is now not expected to be open in time for Worldcon.

In addition to standard hotels, we have blocks at some apartments and hostels:

Multiple people who made early reservations through booking.com and airbnb.com have reported having their reservations cancelled. While we cannot help you with these cancellations, we assure you that if you reserve a room via our booking system after January 9, 2019, your hotel reservation cannot be cancelled by the hotel. Please see Short-Term Rental Issues for additional information.

We have over 1,500 hotel rooms sleeping over 3,050 people contracted, and when combined with our dorm & apartment accommodation we can sleep over 3,600 people. We may be able to contract more accommodation later, but this will be at higher average rates than our current accommodations.

Room Types

The language used to describe accommodation rooms in Europe can be confusing to someone from North America, as we use the same words to mean different things. As the saying goes two peoples separated by a common language. So here is a brief overview

Room types in Europe are defined by two factors – the number of people staying in the room and the number of beds.

A room described as a “Single” – is a room meant for occupancy by one person. In most cases these will be in a European standard Double bed (54″ wide). But in some cases this might be in a Single bed (30 to 36″ wide). It is not always obvious which hotel offer which – but a good indication will be where the hotel offers a separate Room Only rate for a “Single” room that is significantly different from the Room Only rate for a “Double” room, or where the difference for Bed & Breakfast rates are significantly more than 15 EUR.

A room described as a “Double” – is a room meant for occupancy by two people sharing a single bed. In most cases this will be a European standard Double bed (54″ wide).

A room described as a “Twin” – is a room meant for occupancy by two people each sleeping in their own bed. However this will invariably be a Single bed, and frequently a small Single just 30″ wide.

A room described as a “Triple” – is a room meant for occupancy by three people, with two of these sharing a Double bed (54″ wide) and the third a Single Bed (30″ – 36″ wide).

We do offer accommodations that will sleep more than 3 people – but these are generally in our managed apartments – where we have a number of two room apartments.

In the Key Collection apartments each room will contain a standard European Double bed (54″ wide). However in the StayCity apartments each room contains two small single beds (30″ wide) that can be joined together to make one European King bed (60″ wide). You can specify which in the special requirements field of the booking – the default is the room comes in the Double configuration.

The only alternative will be in our Hostel accommodation, where rather than booking a single bed you can book a “Quad” room that will sleep four people in four small single beds (30″ wide). But we only have these rooms for our Core Nights (Thu-Sun nights).

Where we can – we offer two rates for each room – a Room Only rate and a Bed & Breakfast rate – the difference is these bookings is that the latter comes with a Full Irish Cooked Breakfast. But in some case we can only offer one of these rates at the hotel.