Irish Fiction Friday: The Missing Scarf

OH! MY! It’s Irish Fiction Friday, complete with George Takei. No really. It is. Today the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid Team are showcasing the best of Irish SF/F/H talent by bringing you the amazing short animation; ‘The Missing Scarf‘, directed and written by Eoin Duffy, and produced by Jamie Hogan. It’s a black comedy about planets exploding, nihilist thinking, and a squirrel who has lost a scarf. It won multiple awards when first released in 2013, and rather like George, we think it’s very fabulous indeed.


The Missing Scarf is available on the Irish Film Board’s excellent website, where you can also see several other short animations and films, trailers for forthcoming shorts, and listen to a regular podcast on Irish Films and Filmaking. Well worth a look.