Irish Fiction Friday: The Force Awakens.

Note: There is a spoiler for a Location used in the new Star Wars movies: The Force Awakens, in this post.
Irish Fiction Friday is here. And as you know, we’re tricksy about it sometimes. It’s not all free books and reading, no! Sometimes we showcase the huge wealth of Irish Science Fiction and Fantasy that Ireland inspires. So today, we’re whisking you back in time to a galaxy far, far away; or rather…just off the coast of Ireland.
The Skellig Islands are a core location in The Force Awakens, and in this short video we get to see not only a load of puffins (not shown in the movie, but cute as a button!), but why JJ Abrahms decided to use this amazing location in the film. ‘It was special, and we knew it’.

This isn’t the first time Ireland has featured in Star Wars. Trinity library in Dublin was the inspiration for the Great Library in episode, and is open to the public throughout the year.