Irish Fiction Friday: Cathal O’Sandair

An_Captaen_Speirling__Spas_Philota (1)

Hello everyone! It’s Irish Fiction Friday for the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid Team, and we’re feeling like admiring some art today. Do you remember Cathal O’Sandair? We featured a picture of one of the Captean Spearling books on our fantastic booklet about Irish Science Fiction by Jack Fennell (see the entry on our blog here – and maybe pick up a copy at a Bid table near you!). Well, luckily for us there’s an entire website dedicated to his book covers, so today we’re taking time out to feast our eyes on some of the beautiful artwork that has covered his books. Sandair wrote over 160 books, and many of them are featured on the site. Get over there and check it out (then come back and support us, of course! 😉 ).