Irish Fiction Friday: AE: The Candle of Vision


It’s Friday, we’re Irish and this is definitely fiction! Mystic fiction! Today we’re bringing you AE aka George William Russell, owner of a particularly fine beard, and whose The Candle of Vision has pretty much everything a SFF reader could desire! Russell’s guide describes various visions including encounters with UFOs. It’s written as ecstatic literature – he also attempts to form a kabbala and discusses Celtic myth within his ideas. Russell was friends with other members of the Celtic renaissance, including Yeats and James Stephens, and he’s another pivotal figure in Irish literature. Whilst it may all look rather bonkers today, work like this inspired thought and started many a fantasy writer on the right tracks. We hope you enjoy it, and don’t forget our Bid to host a Worldcon in 2019! Hurry up and support us, we’d really appreciate it!


The Candle of Vision