Irish Fiction Friday: Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: Carmilla

Happy Irish Fiction Friday! What better way to celebrate the first of only two Friday the 13ths in 2017 (the other in October) than with some classic horror? This week’s featured writer is Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu. Arguably his most famous novella is Carmilla (1872) – the story of a vampire which has been credited as […]

Then, Part 8: Endings. Rob Hansen

And so we reach the end of Rob Hansen’s retelling of Irish fandom until the mid 1960s, with the final part of Then. We’d like to thank Rob for allowing us to serialise this edited version of Then, which focuses specifically on Irish fandom, and have very much enjoyed recalling our heritage; both rocky and […]

Nerdy Dublin: Food (Part 1)

by Lynn O’Reilly (and with thanks to all the people who’ve helped us to update this page!) You’ve spent a long day Dublin’s fair city, perhaps on a long journey around the city’s museums and tourist spots, or an equally long and tiring walk around the halls of a convention centre. You’re in need of […]

A Nice Cup of Tea.

We do love Saoirse Ronan. She’s a rising Irish star and she’s already shown us how to pronounce Irish names, and tried to teach Stephen Colbert how to perfect his accent! Today however, she demonstrates the definitive, Irish (and therefore best), way to make a cup of tea. Of course, we’ll be greeting you with […]