Kim for Dublin 2019! Many of our US supporters can trace their roots to, or have relatives and family members who are of Irish descent. The connection is so prevalent that the Dublin 2019 Bid have contacted a genealogist who can help supporters do this. (You can read more about doing this here). Kim Burkhardt […]

by Carol Connolly Our Irish team were on hand to welcome everyone and make sure a grand time was had by all Seachtain na Gaeilge (Irish Language Week) is an international Irish Language festival that runs from 1 – 17 March every year. Community and cultural groups, local authorities, libraries, and schools organise events for […]

Hello loyal blog readers! Are you stepping out today with ne’ery a care in the world? Do you look at the birds singing outside and sigh a deep sigh of contentment? Well, forget all that, because it’s time to get apocalyptic with Peadar Ó Guilín, who is not only one of our Bid Team members and […]

THIS. IS. AMAZING. One of our subscribers is a huge Lego builds fan and he put us in touch with David Fennell, who has built a Lego version of our venue, the CCD! Check out the auditorium, where nearly 300 stormtroopers are taking part in a debate over ‘Sith vs Jedi’, hosted by none other […]

The National Irish Science Fiction Film Festival are pleased to announce the nominations for this year’s Golden Blasters. You can read more about the Golden Blasters, which are now in their seventh year, over on their webpage. The festival is usually held at the National Irish Science Fiction Convention; Octocon, so look out for it […]

This week it’s Worldcon, hurrah! Of course, Worldcon also means The Hugo Awards Ceremony, and here on Irish Fiction Friday we have a nominee in the running! James Bacon is our fantastic Bid Chair, and he’s been driving the Dublin 2019 bid right from the start. However, there is more than one string upon James’ bow. Alongside Chris […]

We had a fantastic time at our SFF books outreach this weekend at Dublin Comicon, where we gave away over 2500 books to attendees, and chatted to them about fandom, the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid, and Irish Conventions. It was great to see so many people excited by what we were doing, and agonising over […]

Michael Carroll This week we bring you an interview by James Bacon with Michael Carroll, who discusses his current 2000AD Dredd series – Blood of Emeralds. This series started in Prog 1934, and continues for six issues. It sees the return of Judge Fintan Joyce, who, as the name suggests, hails from our (post-apocalyptic) shores… […]

An Comhrá / The Chat! A new feature for our blog! As we travel hither and yon as part of the Dublin 2019 Worldcon bid, we’re bumping into fans, authors and supporters who want to champion Dublin 2019 for us. Unlike our Irish Fiction Friday contributors, many of these come from around the world, and […]