6th August Closing date for Upgrading and Pre-supporting!

A note from the Chair’s desk.

You have just under a week to upgrade to friend or Super friend, or pre-support Dublin 2019.

In less than a week’s time, we will close down the online facility to upgrade, from pre-supporter or backer to friend or super friend.

We will also be closing down our registration web page so that we can get all the information and data ready for the Vote. We will hopefully be transitioning to a convention, if we win the vote, and we hope you’d support us getting that preparation right.

Those of you at Helsinki will be able to do these transactions at our fan table.

To be clear, midnight Sunday 6th at midnight, Irish time, (BST) we will cease the facility to upgrade, and cease taking pre-supports of all types.

If you wish to upgrade your membership level or have any other queries, please mail registrar@dublin2019.com

Details are here: https://dublin2019.com/support-us/

In case you need to refresh your memory.

Over the last three years, we have had hundreds of people give us their money to support the bid, and that helped us greatly. I am proud to say that thanks to the amazing volunteers, staff and committee, as well as all of those who pre-supported us in any way, we have been a strong bid, and it gave us a fantastic position.

We are exceptionally lucky that no one competed against us, apart from Dublin, in California, which is a nice town, and that was by people who cannot wait to visit Ireland.

It is thanks to those of you who helped, with your hard earned cash, with hard toil and sweat, and tears, that we are where we are. So we need to let you know, that upgrading will cease as an option in a week.

Likewise, if you have friends who were interested and wanted to join, becoming a friend and then converting once we win, would be welcomed. The more members we have from the start, the better we can plan.

As ever, my thanks to those of you who pre-supported at any level. We are in a great position, and if we win the bid, you should know you were an integral part of that, and that is why many of you did pre-support us, and for that, along with the committee, we are very thankful.

As ever, my very best,