Programme Area Head Description

Dublin2019 Programme is building a staff with a broad set of ideas, interests, and skills.

Dublin2019 Programme is building a staff with a broad set of ideas, interests, and skills.

Programme Area Head

We are currently seeking creative, fun, and engaged people to join the Dublin 2019 Programme Team as Area Heads.

The Dublin 2019 Programme Team is a fun and dedicated group of people who have come together to help build the convention that they would most want to attend as members. Our programme will be created through a collaborative process among the Programme Team, which includes our area heads, members of the “Brain Trust” brainstorming teams, and our division head and deputy division heads. Programme ideas will come from all of these sources as well as through input from our membership, including potential programme participants and our guests of honor.

Area heads are the primary people responsible for developing the programme for their particular programme areas. They are responsible for working independently and with their area staff to develop and refine ideas into engaging programme sessions. They are also responsible for entering these ideas into the Dublin2019 database (Grenadine) as complete and well-written items. In addition, area heads will suggest participants who would be valuable contributors to Dublin 2019’s programme, populate programme items, and work with the Program Team to schedule a strong and balanced programme for the full five days of the convention.

Worldcons are highly distributed organisations, and thoughtful team oriented communication is essential with their fellow area heads, with their staff, and with the division/deputy division heads. Dublin 2019’s Programme area heads will need to effectively use and respond to email and chat software as well as attending online programme meetings. They will also be responsible for learning and using Grenadine, the convention’s programme database application.

If you are interested in joining our team as a Programme Area Head please complete the Dublin 2019 Programme Volunteer Staff form.