Art Show

Drawings, paintings, sculpture and jewellery by international and Irish artists

The Art Show is a traditional element of Worldcon, and an important part of Dublin 2019. The convention’s Featured Artists will all be appearing in the Art Show, and there will be a gallery of drawings, paintings, sculpture and jewellery from international and Irish artists. Many of the works in the gallery will be for sale by auction, with bids placed throughout the convention weekend, and/or through ‘buy it now’ instant sales. Alongside the gallery will be a Print Shop, offering print reproductions, cards and other smaller items for sale.

The Art Show and the artists exhibiting their work will be a central element of Dublin 2019, with art-related events and programming across the convention. The Art Show will be located in the fabulous Warehouse at the Point Square, part of the convention’s Creative Hub, and at the centre of Dublin 2019’s art, comic book and creative activities.

If you’re interested in exhibiting and selling your own art in the Art Show, find out more!