Tracing Your Roots with Dublin 2019

[There is a mild spoiler for Age of Ultron in this post]

My name is Claire Bradley and I’m Dublin 2019’s official con genealogist.

Wait, what? Why does a sci-fi convention need a genealogist?

Well, science fiction, fantasy and genre pop culture is filled with family tree stuff, obviously.

You only need to open the back of a George RR Martin book, get into an argument/discussion about how Romulans and Vulcans are related or get really really excited that Magneto’s kids are in the latest Avengers film to see that genealogy is integral to our hobby.

And so why not combine the con with some research into your Irish roots?

Did you know that some 80 million people worldwide have Irish ancestry? Half of them are in the USA and one in four in the UK have an Irish ancestor.

And as for us in Ireland, well, we have Irish roots too!

I’m going to provide a series of blog posts looking into the best starting points for tracing your Irish ancestors. If you’re really keen, you can email me, and we can look into it more in depth.

My idea would be that if you end up finding your roots, you can possibly check them out when you come to Dublin 2019 (so let’s hope we win the Bid!).

I’ll be back soon with another post but for now, you can check out my website and get talking to the oldest people in your family.