Touring Tuesdays: We’re Looking For a Few Good Tourists/Photographers

Welcome to a slightly different edition of Touring Tuesdays!

We are looking for a few good tourists and photographers to help us spotlight some of the amazing scenery, historical sites, attractions, and things to do in Ireland. Do you have a favorite memory of Ireland? Do you have a favorite spot to visit? We would love to hear about it – and see the pictorial evidence! Don’t be too concerned if you’d like to tell us about a visit to a place that we’ve already covered – we’re interested in hearing your experience! Anyone familiar with Ireland will also tell you that visiting some of the most famous sites can be a completely different adventure depending on the day – or season! – on which you visited.

We’re hoping to see your name – and face – here soon! Submissions don’t need to be long or contain more than a few original photos. If you have a trip or visit you’d like to share with us, please contact us through Facebook or Twitter.