Touring Tuesdays: To the Lighthouse and Back with Fionnuala Murphy

Welcome to another edition of Touring Tuesdays! This week join Fionnuala Murphy for a walk to the Poolbeg lighthouse.

Fionnuala Murphy

The walk is out to the Poolbeg lighthouse in the middle of Dublin Bay and is approx 6km each way, but it’s a flat walk and should take no more than 3.5 hours.

You can start the walk in Ringsend and head out to Sandymount Strand (that bit of the walk is less than 2km and is mostly on streets). Once you get to Sandymount strand you can follow the path to the left of the beach – there are usually lots of dog walkers and runners around so if you are lost ask for directions). The path takes you around part of the bay and past the iconic Poolbeg Chimneys (now as much a symbol of Dublin as the Guinness Brewary). Once past the Chimneys you are facing the long walk out to the Lighthouse. The road out is actually part of the Great South Wall of Dublin Port and is approx 2km long. There is a guy with a van selling hot drinks and snacks at the start of the walk out. My recommendation is to save that for the return journey. On a sunny day, there’s no other way to look back at Dublin.