The Dublin Clurichaun: World Tour!

Many of you will know Dave Lally for his unfailing duty to fandom over the last few decades. Dave is a familiar and friendly face at conventions around the world, and was recently fan Guest of Honour at Redemption (20-22 Feb 2015). This year, Dave is 65, and he’s hosting a number of tables and events at conventions to celebrate this. We’re delighted to announce that Dave has offered to become our Dublin Clurichaun; an impish spirit who loves to have a drink and share stories with people, who is mischievous and cheerful. He’s also very kindly offered to take supporter monies for us at each of his tables, where he’ll have information about the Bid, maps, banners and good conversation!

You can go along and ‘slainte’ our Clurichaun at the following events:

Dysprosium / Eastercon (Heathrow, UK. 2-6th April)
Eurocon (St Petersburg, Russia. 23rd-26th April)
Confuse (Linköping, Sweden 7-9th. August)
Archipelagcon (Aaland, Finland. 25-28th June)
Octocon (Dublin, Ireland 10-11. October)
Novacon (Nottingham, UK 13-15. November)

Thanks Dave! It’s an honour to have you lending your support to Dublin 2019.

The Dublin Clurichaun and a wee fella

The Dublin Clurichaun in it's natural habitat - at con!