Rising Supporter Rates and How to Upgrade your Supporter Level

A reminder about changes to supporter rates and how to upgrade!

Don’t forget that our supporter rates are changing on 31st March – that’s now less than two weeks away, so if you do want to support us or upgrade your rate, please get in touch.

We have also had several queries about upgrading from one level to another. It’s a fairly simple process – you need to send a mail to registrar@dublin2019.com, and we will upgrade you to the level you specify. (really, it IS that simple)

If you upgrade through our Registrar, your upgrade should be paid in the currency that you first contributed in (so if you paid in dollars, the upgrade will be in dollars also).

If you are paying at a convention, you will upgrade via the currency of that event (so if you are a Friend wanting to upgrade to a Superfriend, and are at a US convention, but joined in the UK, your upgrade will be from the dollar amount of Friend, to the dollar amount of Superfriend). We will pass this information on to the Registrar, who will update our files.