Diving deeper into 1943 fandom

The nomination forms have gone out for Dublin 2019’s Retro Hugo awards
for works published in 1943. It’s often very difficult to find materials
relevant to the Fan Categories for the Retros, but we have a solution!
FANAC.ORG http://fanac.org/ has assembled the list of fanzines
published in 1943, with links to those available on line. They have made
several hundred fanzines available, and more will be added if they
become available.

Here you’ll find fanzines from 4sj, Doc Lowndes, J. Michael Rosenblum,
Bob Tucker, Jack Speer, Larry Shaw, F. T. Laney and other stalwarts of
1943 fandom. There are FAPAzines, newszines, and letterzines. There is
fannish artwork, and fannish poetry. There’s even the first publication
of Lovecraft’s “Funghi From Yuggoth”. Fanzines which meet the issue
requirements for Best Fanzine are so marked. We hope you enjoy the
material, and nominate in support of the Retro Hugos.

The link is: http://fanac.org/fanzines/Retro_Hugos1943.html

If you have additional material for this list or corrections, write to