Programme Q&A

A handy FAQ about Dublin 2019 programme

Programme Q&A

Thank you for your interest in Programme. We are planning a fantastic Worldcon experience of which programming will be just one part, and we need your help to make it the best possible programme for everyone. Our participants come from local and international communities and their diverse voices all contribute to Worldcon. We encourage you to make your plans to attend Dublin as early as possible since it is a popular destination and an exciting city to visit. We look forward to seeing you in August, 2019!

Q: I have a brilliant idea for Dublin 2019 Programme!

A: Excellent, we love new ideas! Please go to the Submit your Programme Ideas page. 

Q: I submitted a programme idea for an item that I want to be on and/or I have participant suggestions for who should be on it. Can you guarantee that will happen?

A: While we strive to include as many ideas and participants as possible, we cannot guarantee that everyone who submits a programme idea will have that item appear on our schedule. Nor can we guarantee that you or the people you suggest will be on a programme item that you have suggested. In some case, we may be able to accept suggestions as written, in some cases we may need to edit the suggestion, and in other cases we may actually choose to go with a similar suggestion (or combine similar suggestions) into a single item. As you can imagine with nearly 800 programme items that feature over 600 programme participants, all of whom have very specific availability and interests, there is a point when programme items and the participants who suggested them might get separated during the final stages of programme scheduling. Our commitment to you, and to all of our members, is to assemble the most interesting, varied, well rounded, and represented programme possible. This is only possible by including your suggestions and by scheduling a wide and diverse selection of participants from all ages, stages, and backgrounds within the speculative fiction/art community in Ireland and around the world.

Q: When I submit my programme idea, will I automatically be considered to be a programme participant?

A: No. To be considered for a spot on the programme, even for the item you have suggested, you need to separately volunteer to be considered as a programme participant by completing our participant request form (see below).

Q: How do I volunteer to be a programme participant?

A: Go to the Request to be a programme participant page and fill in the form (we cannot contact you or send you a programme survey unless you fill in the form providing your consent to be contacted per GDPR rules). Once that is done, we will send you a programme survey (the first set of which go out in October or November 2018), which must be completed in order to be considered for a spot on the Dublin 2019 programme. Please note that daytime programming is the most popular among programme participants. Therefore, we are also actively seeking participants who are available for evening programming as well.

Q: I filled in the programme participant request form online and never heard back. What do I do now?

A: Everyone who requests to be on programming will receive a programme survey. The first batch of surveys will be sent in October or November 2018 for all requests received up to that point. Requests received after the initial mailing will receive a survey within a few weeks until March or April. We do expect that the programme will be full by then, although volunteers may be considered on a case by case basis.

Q: When will I know if I was accepted?

A: We are making a few early decisions now. After that, invitations (i.e. acceptances) will be sent out starting in the fall of 2018 and will be issued on a rolling basis until the programme is full.

Q: How quickly to do you anticipate filling the open programme participant slots?

A: VERY QUICKLY. If you are at all interested in volunteering to be a programme participant, please submit your programme participant request form as soon as possible.

Q: When do you send out your schedules? I’ll need to make travel plans.

A: We will be sending a draft schedule around late May or early June to all accepted programme participants with the final schedules going out in July 2019. Please DO NOT WAIT until you see your schedule to book your hotel rooms as the special Dublin rates will not last that long.

Q: What is Worldcon Programme like?

A: Worldcon Programme typically has 650-800 programme items that comprise a varied selection of panels, lectures, discussion groups, kaffeeklatsches & literary beers, readings, demos, workshops, autographings, and more. Topics include everything from science fiction, fantasy, and horror to comics, writing, reading, gaming, special events, and a world class art show, live entertainment, music, and a host of late night parties as well as family activities.

Q: Will you pay me to come? Do I have to purchase a membership? What about my assistant or my child?

A: Dublin 2019 (like all Worldcons) is a volunteer run organization and nobody receives a salary or payment for their work. Worldcons are wholly supported by their membership fees, it is the original “by the fans, for the fans” convention. Everyone attending and working on Dublin 2019, from the convention chair to the staff and programme participants, as well as the general members all need to purchase memberships. This applies to assistants and children as well.

Q: Where do I stay?

A: Dublin 2019 will have agreements with several local hotels, and that information will be made available in early December. We recommend you do not wait for your draft or final schedule before booking your hotel room. Again, room blocks fill fast, especially in a popular destination like Dublin in August. Whether you’re on programming or not, we hope you come and enjoy Worldcon and all of the amazing events and activities that we are planning! For more information check out our website.

Q. I have some access needs that I am concerned about. How do I let you know about my needs and will this affect my likelihood to be included in the programme?

A: Dublin 2019 programming is access friendly and your access needs will not affect your selection to be on programming. Our programme survey is designed to capture your access needs so that they are on file with us when working on scheduling (that information is private to the Programme Staff). We also recommend that you review our access policy to ensure that you understand what Dublin 2019 is able to accommodate as well as what we are not able to accomodate.

Q: What types of people are on your programme? Is it gender balanced? Inclusive and representative? Do you plan to have a very diverse programme?

A: We work very hard at our programme balance and having the best people for the best subjects, which includes diversity of experience, gender, race, age, religion, and sexual preference. We are reaching out to a variety of communities and programme participants so that we can have a diverse programme. We also find that when a convention looks for the best possible participants, rather than just the people they know, the overall programme quality and content are elevated.

Q: Will I be safe to be on your programme? How can you assure me of safety?

A: Dublin 2019 has a published CoC but also please email if you have individual concerns so that we can discuss your situation with you directly. This is a question we take very seriously and is not easily answerable in this context as different situations may require different actions.

Types of Programme Items

  • Gaming Room and programme about games
  • Panels
  • Discussion Groups
  • Demos
  • Workshops
  • Autographings
  • Tours
  • Solo Talks
  • Dialogues & Interviews
  • Kaffeeklatsches and Literary Beers

Are you ready to Volunteer for Programme? Do you have an idea? Contact us today! We’re waiting to hear from you.