Important Announcement: Mobie Hire Fire Causes Us Concern

The Dublin Access team have a very important message to anyone with access needs, specifically those requiring mobility scooter hire.

We’ve had a spot of bother.

We identified a suitable mobie hire company, who were happy to work with us, and we had sufficient mobies for Dublin 2019. Unfortunately, that provider had a fire and lost the majority of their stock. As you can imagine this would normally be a difficulty that solution focused fans could overcome. We just find more…

Many hours and days have been spent investigating this and we have had support from the Irish Wheelchair Association. Yet there are still fewer mobies available than we would like in Ireland. We’ve now engaged internationally and are continuing to pursue all and any avenues of opportunity that will rectify any shortage.

As we continue to seek creative solutions to this problem, we are asking that anyone interested in hiring a mobie for Dublin 2019 please fill out our online form (

This is vital. It will help us know how many additional mobies we need to source and we appreciete your time and efforts doing this as promptly as you can.

Our access page is here:
And the Mobility Scooter form is here

Our teams are working and will continue to work hard to serve everyone’s needs. For more information on Access services at Dublin, please visit Our team will answer questions as best they can at