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How you can help support the Fantastic Dublin Fund

Donate to the Fantastic Dublin Fund

We all know our community is filled with incredibly generous people who want to help others attend Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon. Please give to the Fantastic Dublin Fund!

Making a financial gift in any amount (because every euro, dollar, pound, and yen counts!) or donating your unused membership(s) to the FDF makes a huge difference.

On behalf of Dublin 2019 we thank you for your generosity and support, which will make the Fantastic Dublin Fund possible. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating speculative fiction and art in all of its glory this coming August in Dublin, Ireland.

How will the Fantastic Dublin Fund be used?

Funds donated to the FDF will be used, in part, to provide participants with memberships and travel stipends. We wish to sponsor artists, musicians, writers, publishing industry professionals, scientists, engineers, academics, organisers within diverse fan communities, and more to participate in the convention.

Our diversity efforts help several audiences in different ways:

Irish Fans of Limited Financial Means

Dublin 2019 will offer heavily discounted memberships to residents of Ireland and Northern Ireland who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend Dublin 2019. Dublin 2019 will match the first 12 membership donations either purchased via FDF contributions or gifted to the FDF. We also encourage people who will not be using their attending memberships to donate them to this pool.

Irish Traveller Community

Dublin 2019 has set aside a number of memberships for members of the Irish Traveller community (Ireland’s only indigenous ethnic community). For more information on this group, visit Pavee Point: Traveller and Roma Centre and the Irish Traveller Movement.

People of Colour

Dublin 2019 has also donated 15 memberships to Con-or-Bust to be given to fans of colour. Additional travel-related financial support for fans of colour may also be available through the Con-or-Bust programme.

Programme Participants from Marginalised Communities/Participants of Colour

Dublin 2019 is making available a limited number of memberships and travel stipends in the amount of 400 Euros to eligible programme participants from marginalised communities and programme participants of colour who live outside of central Dublin.

Dublin 2019’s programme participants are highly visible members of the convention and have a direct impact on which fans choose to attend Worldcon. A diverse group of programme participants will generate a diverse membership, and in many cases this is a member’s first experience with fandom. Diversity in areas such as background, experience, race, country of origin, language, and religion lead to a deeper and more enriching convention experience for all of our members.

Deadline for Programme Participant Requests: Friday, May 3, 2019

Further information

If you have any questions about the Fantastic Dublin Fund, please see our FAQ, or contact us at