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How you can apply to the Fantastic Dublin Fund

Apply for assistance

The various ways to apply reflect the different sources and eligibility requirements. All applications and awards will be kept strictly confidential.

Irish Fans of Limited Financial Means

Dublin 2019 will offer heavily discounted memberships to residents of Ireland and Northern Ireland who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend Dublin 2019.

The first wave of memberships will be donated on June 1, 2019. If we have more applications than there are available memberships, the recipients will be determined by lottery. Apply before this deadline to be guaranteed a place in the lottery!

As additional memberships are added to the pool we will continue to distribute them to those who applied before June 1. If all of this set receive memberships, we will begin distributing them on a first-come, first-serve basis to those who apply after June 1.

Irish Traveller Community

Dublin 2019 has set aside a number of memberships for members of the Irish Traveller community (Ireland’s only indigenous ethnic community). Irish Travellers can apply for a deeply discounted membership at any time by sending e-mail to

People of Colour

Dublin 2019 has also donated 15 memberships to Con-or-Bust to be given to fans of colour. Additional travel-related financial support for fans of colour may also be available through the Con-or-Bust programme. Note that at this time all donated memberships have been given out by Con-or-Bust, but if we are able to supply more to them we will.

Programme Participants from Marginalised Communities/Participants of Colour

The FDF application period for programme participant assistance is now closed.

Further information
If you have any questions or need more information about applying to the FDF, please see our FAQ or contact us at