Fantastic Dublin Fund


The best thing about Worldcon? People.

Worldcon is an event where awesome people come together. You can find yourself chatting to folks from countries and cultures you’ve barely heard of, share experiences with people from wildly different backgrounds, and listen to programme participants who give new insights into this world we live in as well as those other worlds that a science fiction convention lets us glimpse and analyse.

In reality, not everyone finds it equally easy to attend. The reasons are as diverse as the people: financial obstacles, health challenges, cultural barriers, hesitation about crossing perceived community boundaries all work to separate us from each other. This is why we must work even harder to help others share in the joy and wonder of Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon.

The good news is, Dublin 2019 is doing the work! Inspired by the success of Worldcon 76 and the Mexicanx Initiative led by John Picacio, Dublin 2019 wants to use the Fantastic Dublin Fund (FDF) to bring a diverse array of people to attend and contribute to the convention. The FDF is special crowd-sourced programme to facilitate Dublin 2019 attendance for people from marginalised communities, people of colour, people with limited financial means, or people who suffer from other barriers to attendance. (To find out more about how the fund will be used, click through to the Donate or Apply pages, and check out our FAQ.)

The other news is, we still need your help to make this a diverse convention. You can contribute by donating or applying—either way, we’d love to hear from you.

Are you in a position to help the Fantastic Dublin Fund? If you can contribute money or memberships, you will make Dublin 2019 a fantastic convention for a wide variety of people. Find out more!

Would you like to attend but are finding it difficult to manage? Find out if you are eligible for assistance and how to apply!