Fantastic Dublin Fund

Supporting diversity at Dublin 2019

Help us make Dublin 2019 fantastic through the Fantastic Dublin Fund!

What does it take to be a fantastic Worldcon? Many things, but one of the most important is that we have a diverse array of people participating in Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon. Inspired by the success of Worldcon 76 and the Mexicanx Initiative led by John Picacio, Dublin 2019 has expanded the scope and goals of the Fantastic Dublin Fund (FDF) in order to make this possible.

To turn the Fantastic Dublin Fund into a reality, we need YOU! More specifically, we need your generosity, kindness, and participation in this special crowd-sourced programme that will help us facilitate Dublin 2019 attendance for members of several groups. These groups include general members as well as programme participants who are people from marginalised communities, people of colour, people with limited financial means, or people who suffer from other barriers to attendance.

How you can help! Our community is filled with incredibly generous people who want to help others share in the joy and wonder of Dublin 2019 – An Irish Worldcon. Please give to the Fantastic Dublin Fund by making a financial gift in any amount (because every euro, dollar, pound, and yen counts!) or by giving your unused membership(s) to the FDF. Click the Donate button on this page to make a difference today!

How will the Fantastic Dublin Fund will be used?

Our diversity efforts help several audiences in different ways:

Irish Fans of Limited Financial Means:

Dublin 2019 will offer heavily discounted memberships to residents of Ireland and Northern Ireland who would otherwise be unable to afford to attend Dublin 2019. Dublin 2019 will match the first 12 membership donations either purchased via FDF contributions or gifted to the FDF. We also encourage people who will not be using their attending memberships to donate them to this pool.

Irish Traveller Community:

Dublin 2019 has set aside a number of memberships for  members of the Irish Traveller community (Ireland’s only indigenous ethnic community). For more information on this group, visit Pavee Point: Traveller and Roma Center and the Irish Traveller Movement.

People of Colour:

Dublin 2019 has also donated 12 memberships to Con-or-Bust to be given to fans of colour. Additional travel related financial support for fans of colour may also be available through the Con-or-Bust program. Their applications periods for travel assistance are February 1-10; May 1-10; August 1-10; and November 1-10. For more information, please contact Con-or-Bust, which is a non-profit organisation that helps people of colour/non-white people attend SFF conventions.

Programme Participants from Marginalised Communities/Participants of Colour:

Dublin 2019’s programme participants are highly visible members of the convention and have a direct impact on which fans choose to attend Worldcon. A diverse group of programme participants will generate a diverse membership, and in many cases this is a member’s first experience with fandom. Diversity in areas such as background, experience, race, country of origin, language, and religion lead to a deeper and more enriching convention experience for all of our members. Following on the good work of Worldcon 76 and their Mexicanx Initiative, led by John Picacio, the Fantastic Dublin Fund seeks to help marginalised participants and participants of colour who would otherwise not be able to attend Worldcon. Funds donated to the FDF will be used, in part, to provide these participants with memberships and travel stipends. Programme is looking for artists, musicians, writers, publishing industry professionals, scientists, engineers, academics, organisers within diverse fan communities, and more to participate in Dublin 2019’s programming. Please review eligibility details and exclusions (below) before submitting your FDF Programme Participant application.

On behalf of Dublin 2019 we thank you for your generosity and support, which will make the Fantastic Dublin Fund possible. We look forward to seeing you and celebrating speculative fiction and art in all of its glory this coming August in Dublin, Ireland. To make a contribution, please use the button below. Information about applying for financial assistance follows.


How to Apply for Assistance

There are different ways to apply, reflecting the different sources and eligibility requirements. All applications and awards will be kept strictly confidential.

Irish Fans of Limited Means:

In early 2019, we will post an application form for deeply discounted Dublin 2019 memberships on this site and promote it widely. The application will include the full details about when the selection will be made. Applicants will be asked to provide their contact information and a statement of need. Note that if demand exceeds supply, a lottery system will be used to provide a fair chance to all those who apply by the deadline.

Irish Travellers:

Email to apply for a deeply discounted membership at any time.

People of Colour:

Apply directly to Con-or-Bust for assistance with memberships and travel. Please see their website for deadlines and restrictions, including their applications periods and requirements.

Programme Participants from Marginalised Communities:

Dublin 2019 is making available a limited number of memberships and travel stipends in the amount of 400 Euros to eligible programme participants from marginalised communities and programme participants of colour who live outside of central Dublin. All eligible programme participants can apply for a membership through this application process, including those who live within central Dublin. Due to limited resources within the Fantastic Dublin Fund, not everyone who applies for a travel stipend and/or a membership will receive one. Therefore, the Programme Division Heads, with the assistance of their appointed staff, will review, award, and distribute stipends and/or memberships to eligible programme participants who apply for assistance based upon a combination of need, available funding, confirmed participation on programme, and agreement of applicant to attend Dublin 2019 as a participant.

The stipend amount represents our estimate of average accommodation expenses for someone in a shared double room, but stipends can be used as needed by the recipient for travel expenses. Stipends will begin being awarded in December 2018, based upon funding availability within the Fantastic Dublin Fund.

To Apply: Participants who wish to apply for this assistance must submit a completed application pack, which includes 1) the FDF Programme Participant Application Form,  2) the Programme Participant Query Form, and 3) the Programme Survey, which will be emailed after step 2 is completed. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Eligibility: Participants applying for a travel stipend and/or membership must be considered part of a marginalised community or a person of colour who with has limited financial means and who would be unable to attend Dublin 2019 without assistance. Residents of central Dublin who fit the eligibility requirements are excluded from the 400 Euro travel stipend, but they are eligible to apply for a participant membership through this process.

If you have any questions about the FDF application for programme participants or your eligibility, please contact Dublin 2019’s Programme Division Heads at



Q: Is my donation tax-deductible?

A: No, our Irish business classification does not provide a tax benefit for donations.


Q: I will not be able to use my attending membership. How can I donate it to the FDF?

A: Email and let them know you’d like to transfer your membership into the FDF pool.


Q: Will travel stipends be available to members other than programme participants?

A: At this time, travel stipends are only available to programme participants. However, if we raise sufficient funds through the FDF, we will investigate expanding travel stipends to people in the other categories. If you would like to be considered for programming, please submit the Programme Participant Query Form.


Q: If I receive a FDF assisted membership and it turns out that I cannot attend, can I give or sell my membership to another person?

A: FDF assisted memberships cannot be regifted or resold to others. If you are unable to use your membership, please contact and your membership will be returned to the pool.


Q: If I give to the FDF, how will I know where my money is going?

A: All funds and memberships given to the FDF will be given to eligible people who apply for assistance according to the instructions on this page. We will provide general statistics about awards given, but all awards are confidential and recipient names will not be made public.


Q: How do I give to the Fantastic Dublin Fund?

A: Click on the Donate button on this page and make your gift! Or click here to give to the Fantastic Dublin Fund.


Q: I have a question that isn’t answered here. How do I get more information?

A: Email