Day Passes

Joining us for a day or two?

If you have purchased day passes and are coming to Dublin 2019:

Wonderful! Registration looks forward to greeting you! The registration desk will be located in the foyer of the Convention Center Dublin, and will be open for the following hours:

Tuesday:         4 pm – 7 pm
Wednesday:    9 am – 7 pm
Thursday:        9 am – 7 pm
Friday:             9 am – 7 pm
Saturday:         9 am – 7 pm
Sunday:           9 am – 7 pm
Monday:         10 am – 12 noon

If at all possible, please bring a photo ID with your name on it to at-con registration – it makes picking up your day passes faster. You can pick up all of your day passes on the first day you have purchased on (example: if you have purchased day passes for Friday and Saturday, you can pick up both days on Friday).

If you arrive after Registration is closed for the evening, please proceed to Convention Operations office in Liffey 5 and they will give you a temporary night badge.

After 00:01 Irish Time 2 August 2019, please do not change your name or Badge Name online, as these changes will not be carried over to the at-con database. All changes will need to be done when you pick up your badge.

Day Pass Pricing Definitions

Adult – attendees who are 26 + years old born on or before 15 August 1993.

Island of Ireland First Worldcon – for attendees who are residents of the Island of Ireland and have not been a member of a Worldcon before.

Young Adult – attendees who are 13 – 25 years old on the first day of the convention (born between 16 August 1993 and 15 August 2006.)

Child – attendees who are between 6 – 12 years old on the first day of the convention (born between 16 August 2006 and 15 August 2013.)

These day passes entitle you to attend all of the programme, events and activities on the day they are purchased for, however do not entitle you to any of the benefits of being a member of the Dublin 2019 Worldcon (voting at the WSFS business meeting, voting for the Hugo Awards pre-con and voting in 2021 Site Selection).

If you have any questions or need further information, please e-mail us.