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Please note that Dublin 2019 memberships are not refundable, but they can be transferred to someone else. Please contact for more details.

We also have a family plan available for those who are bringing their loved ones as well.

There are different membership levels available.  This page explains what the levels are and who should purchase them.

Membership Types

Supporting Membership (€40)

A supporting membership is not for attending members.  It allows the member to vote in the Hugo Awards and can be upgraded to an attending membership later.

Attending Adult Membership (€260)

For members who are 26 + years old born on or before 15 August 1993.

Young Adult Membership (€160)

For members who are 13 – 25 years old on the first day of the convention.

A Young Adult is someone born between 16 August 1993 and 15 August 2006.

Child Membership (€80)

Members who are between 6 – 12 years old on the first day of the convention.

A Child is someone between the age of 6 – 12 born between 16 August 2006 and 15 August 2013.

Infant Membership (€5)

An infant is someone who is 5 or younger born on after 16 August 2013.


Paper Progress Reports (€10)

If you would like to receive paper progress reports please add this to the cost of the membership.  If you need paper reports for accessibility reasons please email and we will be happy to help.  To include your name (or convention name) in convention publications or on the website, Public Name MUST be filled in.  To check or update your member record, go to our membership page, type in your email address you registered with in the box labeled request login link and Update your Member Info.

If you have any questions or other queries or would like a pdf of the registration form to submit your membership by email,  please mail


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