Passports and Visas

What paperwork will you need to travel to Ireland?

Passports and Visas

If you’re going to Ireland from most of the world, you will need a passport. Check a passport information page for your country. Passports can take a few months to get; this varies from country to country. So if you’re planning to travel to Ireland from a non-EU country, be sure to apply for your passport no later than early 2019.

When completing a passport information page, most countries ask something like “Why are you traveling?” One of the options is typically “Tourism” and that’s the option you should select as a Worldcon attendee.

You probably will not need a visa to travel to Ireland. Check this page about Irish visas. In general, visitors to Ireland do not need a visa if they will spend less than three months in country.

In certain situations, you may need to request that Dublin 2019 provide you with a letter confirming that you have an attending membership and plan to attend. Write to, tell us what kind of letter you need and we will provide one for you.