Irish Fiction Fridays: Recording Angel: Ian McDonald

Today’s edition of Irish Fiction Fridays brings you the science fiction tale “Recording Angel” by Ian McDonald. “Recording Angel,” which was originally published in 1996, was later expanded into Chaga. There’s a terrific interview with McDonald (Author Spotlight) that gives some background to the story.

Ian McDonald was born in Manchester in 1960 (to a Scottish father and Irish mother), and he’s lived in Belfast since he was five. McDonald is an incredibly prolific writer and has won numerous awards – and been nominated for many more. He has won the Philip K Dick Award for Best Collection (1991), the Theodore Sturgeon Award (2001), Hugo Award for Best Novelette (2007), and Best Novel for the British Science Fiction Association (2011) among others. Chaga was nominated for the British Science Fiction Association Award Best Novel in 1995 and the John W Campbell Memorial Award in 1996. You can also find out more about McDonald on the site here. You can find out more about McDonald, including a fairly thorough bibliography on Wikipedia.