Irish Fiction Friday – The Eclipse!

Eclipse in Dublin

Welcome to Irish Fiction Friday! Have you noticed anything unusual about today? A certain lowering in the skies, darkness falling in the daytime? Much of Ireland and the UK experienced an eclipse today; reaching up to 95% coverage in Dublin. Alas, it was cloudy, but we haven’t let that darken our mood. We’ve got a super special IFF in celebration of the eclipse, in the form of…Eclipse! This series of anthologies were edited by award winning anthologist and Irishman Jonathan Strahan, and Eclipse One can be read almost in its entirety here. The collection contains 14 short stories from authors such as Garth Nix, Bruce Sterling, Ellen Klage and Maureen F. McHugh.

The image to the left is of the rare moment when the sun broke through beside the Campanile in Trinity College Dublin earlier this morning, and despite the clouds, Dubliners managed to get some grand snaps of the event.

You can also read more of Jonathan’s work over on his site here, and via his Twitter handle, @jonathanstrahan.