Irish Fiction Friday: Sir Edward Grey – Witchfinder (Maura McHugh and Kim Newman)

Here at Irish Fiction Friday and the Dublin 2019 Worldcon Bid, we’re really proud of the many supporters and fans we have already gained. Amongst them are authors and creatives from Ireland (but of course!), and today we’re delighted to be able to showcase one of them. Maura McHugh is an award winning author and artist who has just launched the third volume of Sir Edward Grey: Witchfinder, which she co-wrote with Kim Newman (best known for his Anno Dracula series). The first issue of this series from Dark Horse Comics is free to read, and features a cover by Mike Mignola, and art by Tyler Crook. It was Mignola who suggested a series of comics about Grey, who an occult detective from the pages of Hellboy. This volume is the third to be released and ‘The Mysteries of Unland’ is a story arc that examines the later period in Grey’s life.

In this interview, Maura and Kim discuss how they went about the writing of Witchfinder, and you can read the first issue for yourself by scrolling down to the bottom!

Maura’s webpage is here, and Kim’s is here.