Irish Fiction Friday: Sarah Rees Brennan, The Turn of the Story

Welcome to our new blog! As you can see, we’re doing up the place at the moment (you won’t believe what we have planned for the avocado bath suite!), but since Facebook made some changes that would have made posting IFF rather difficult, we decided to move in early… From now on, we’ll also be using this site to post our press releases, news and events, and as much Dublin 2019 magic and mystery as we can cram together!

However, let’s get on with the business at hand. For this week’s Irish SF/F/H Fiction Friday we bring you a magic school adventure in the tradition of Jill Murphy, Diane Wynne Jones and J.K. Rowling. A resident of Ireland, Sarah Rees Brennan is a prolific writer of YA Fantasy Fiction and she’s also just been nominated for the Andre Norton Award for Young Adult Science Fiction and Fantasy for Unmade, the final part of The Lyburn Legacy Trilogy. Good luck Sarah!

You can find The Turn of the Story at Sarah’s Livejournal site:

And you can follow her on Twitter here: