Irish Fiction Friday: Robert Cromie, The Crack of Doom.

Ten weeks of Irish SF/F/H Fiction Friday already! Have you been keeping up with the brilliant Irish talent, past and present, that we’ve been showcasing each week? Never fear, we’re now adding every week’s work to our weblog, and you can catch up on our authors from the link below. But first, it’s time for this week’s offering. Robert Cromie (1855-1907) lived in Belfast throughout his life. The Crack of Doom (1895) contains the first reference to the use of atomic energy, and the first atomic explosion. We’ve included the cover from one of Cromie’s earlier collections ‘A Plunge into Space’. This predated H.G.Wells’ The First Men on the Moon by 10 years, but contains a number of similarities. Jules Verne was an enthusiastic reader of Cromie’s work, and A Plunge into Space contains the only foreword he ever wrote.