Irish Fiction Friday: LT Meade and Robert Eustace: The Brotherhood of The Seven Kings.

‘The brain had conceived and the body had executed some of the most malignant designs against mankind that the world has ever known’


What trickery is this?!!!

L. T. Meade was the pseudonym of Elizabeth Thomasina Meade Smith (1854-1914), and was born in Bandon, County Cork. She was a prolific writer of girls stories in late 19th century England. Her most famous book was A World of Girls, published in 1886, and concerned itself with women’s eduction. She was also the editor of a popular girl’s magazine Atlanta. However, she also co-authored a number of notable mystery novels with Robert Eustace.

The Brotherhood of Seven Kings was written between 1902-3, and is a collection of stories featuring scientific mystery and crime. It blends these two elements in interesting ways, highlighting LT Meade’s style, which was often intended to educate readers as well as entertain them.

LT Meade’s partnership with Robert Eustace partnerships is notable for the creation of two female villains, Madame Sara (in The Sorceress of the Strand) and Madame Koluchy ( in The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings). Madame Koluchy is rather the star of these particular tales – a scientific mastermind who is also the most famous Doctor in London. Her seemingly miraculous abilities have made her a popular member of society and something of a celebrity, but patients too often find that after she has attended to them, they become the victims of unspeakable crimes (well, actually quite speakable) including blackmail, robbery and kidnapping.

Many of the stories in this collection involve scientific plot twists or devices. There are fiendish plots, ingenious murder attempts, death by X-ray, and infernal machines. Will Madam Koluchy get away, or will she be brought to justice for her crimes? Find out in this week’s Irish Fiction Friday by discovering the Audiobook and Written versions of The Brotherhood of the Seven Kings!


LT Meade.