Irish Fiction Friday: Jo Zebedee: Inish Carraig


Jo Zebedee is one of our supporters and has been really involved with promoting Dublin 2019 online from the start. She also helps to organise Women Aloud – a series of events in Northern Ireland celebrating women authors. She’s a prolific new author, and has previously featured on IFF after she sent us some free stories and launched her first book – Abendau’s Heir (The first book in the Inheritance Trilogy). It’s since been a roaring success and she’s well on the way to SF fame!

Inish Carraig takes a slightly different direction and brings you an apocalypse in Belfast, which is alarming enough for us to worry that Ireland might not still be there in 2019 (we’re already working out how to barricade the CCD…) The extract we’re featuring is a ‘look inside’ preview, so follow the link below and if you click on the title page of the book, the first chapter is available to read. 

Read it here!