Irish Fiction Friday: Jim Fitzpatrick: Erinsaga

Welcome again to Irish Fiction Friday! In honor of the Dublin2019 AEM/AGM taking place in Dublin this weekend, we are featuring a Dublin artist/author.

Jim Fitzpatrick is perhaps best known as an artist. He was born in Dublin and his first fame came from his iconic red and black portrait of Che Guevara. Fitzpatrick worked in advertising until 1972 when he quit to become a full-time artist. Most of his work is grounded in Irish myths and Celtic tradition. The Book of Conquests, The Silver Arm, and The Children of Lir (with Michael Scott) retell the Lebor Gabala Erenn accompanied by lavish illustrations.

While none of the books are available free online for us to supply a link to today, our offering today actually includes work by a number of Irish artists. Fitzpatrick produced Erinsaga in 1989 with the help of a number of Irish musicians. Fitzpatrick also produced art for a number of groups including Thin Lizzy and Irish punk band Pulling Faces. The description of the album reads: “Erinsaga tells in words and music the epic legend of the earliest conquest of Ireland by a mysterious and mystical race known to the ancients as the Tuatha De Danann.” The music was composed and arranged by Ken Kiernan and Ger MacDonald. It’s a good opportunity to submerge yourself in both story and music from Ireland. Erinsaga comes to us via Michael Leacy. More of Fitzpatrick’s artwork can be found at The Green Gallery in Dublin.