Irish Fiction Friday: Dororthy Macardle: The Uninvited


Welcome to Irish Fiction Friday. We really hope you’ve been enjoying nearly 18 months of free fiction and work from Irish writers and creatives. Our team is always adding more ideas and people to our files, and it’s really amazing to constantly be hearing from people about what they are writing or doing within Ireland. We really hope it’s inspiring you to support our Bid for a Worldcon in 2019, and maybe even decide to become one of our backers!

This week we’re mixing things up again. One of the things we’ve tried to do throughout IFF is to make sure that Irish writers and creatives are represented proportionally. As one of our contributors, Maura McHugh said to us:

‘The thing to remember is that women’s contribution is constantly diminished, erased, or completely forgotten. Also, the concept of genre fiction is mostly new. In the 18th and 19th centuries lots of people wrote in different genres, and many authors were doing ghost stories or Gothic romances as part of other work’.
This week therefore, we bring you Uneasy Freehold (Irish title) / The Uninvited (US title) by Dorothy Macardle. Although it is not available online for free (usually we would link this), the book was made into a successful movie in 1944. Macardle was heavily involved in politics for all of her life and was arrested several times – an interesting, but contentious character. We also love the drama of both the book jacket and the trailer for the movie!