Irish Fiction Friday: Daegaer -The Three Sorrows of the Deer-Folk of Ireland

Welcome to this week’s Irish Fiction Friday! We’re getting mythical and fantastic this week with some Irish fanfiction. and don’t forget, we’re also gearing up for our Outreach project at Dublin Comicon, now less than three weeks away. Come and meet the Committee and Bid Team, grab some free fiction, and have a chat about all things SFF!


Art by Sloegenie

Irish Fiction Friday this week brings you a piece of fanfiction that inverts Irish folklore. In the original tale,which is part of the Fenian Cycle,  Sadhbh was a woman who was cursed to look like a deer for refusing the love of Fer Doirich, the dark druid of the Tautha De Danan. In this reworking; The Three Sorrows of the Deer-Folk of Ireland by Daegaer, Sadhbh is a deer who is cursed to look like a woman. It’s an interesting take on Irish myth and folklore which plays with tradition and changes it slightly.

Here we also link some of the source material that author Daegaer used in the writing of this piece. The site includes the original Irish texts and fragments, as well as translations and notations.