Instalment Plan

Need more time to pay for your membership? Consider an instalment plan.

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The Dublin 2019 Instalment Plan enables fans to spread the cost of an Adult, Young Adult or First Worldcon Attending Membership over a number of bi-monthly payments. Under the Plan, you first buy a Supporting Membership and then pay the amount for conversion to Attending Membership in instalments. The charge for your Attending Membership will be frozen at the time your application to join the Plan is received and accepted.

Applications for new Instalment Plans will be accepted until January 31, 2019. Instalment Plans must be paid off in full by May 31, 2019 at the latest.

If you would like to buy a membership please go to our membership page.

Who can create an instalment plan?

Anyone with a Dublin 2019 supporting membership may request an instalment plan and it will apply to Adult attending, Young Adult and First Worldcon memberships.  To start an instalment plan please fill in the form Dublin 2019 Instalment Plan Request  (link: and send it to Dublin 2019. Once the form is sent in, the price of membership will be locked based on the date the form was submitted.  Instalment plans can be set up until 31 Jan 2019 and must be paid off in full by 31 May 2019. The standard instalment plan will be over 6 payment periods invoiced at least every 2 months.  Payment will be billed as follows, near the start of the month.

Payment Period 1 2 3 4 5 6 7
May 2018 Jul 2018 Sep 2018 Nov 2018 Jan 2019 Mar 2019 May 2019

You will receive your first instalment invoice at the next payment period.  So if you request an instalment plan on June 10th you will get your first invoice at the beginning of July 2018.  The number of instalment payments will reduce as we get closer to the convention.  For example, if you set up an instalment plan in November of 2018 you will only have January, March and May payments to pay for your membership. The minimum amount of each payment is 20 EUR and the membership will remain a supporting membership until the final payment is made.


Is my price locked?

Your membership price is locked at the price of the day when you submit the form.

When will I receive my first invoice?

allow at least 30 days for processing, after which your first instalment invoice will be sent at the next payment period. So if you request an instalment plan after 1 April 2018  but before 1 June, your first invoice won’t be until July 2018.

Is there a minimum payment amount?

The minimum is 20 EUR per payment period.

Can I alter my payment schedule?

Bi-monthly payments are the default, with a maximum of 6 instalments. That number will decrease as we approach the 31 May 2019 deadline.

Though this is a firm rule for individual plans, special allowances can be made for family plans.

Can I pay using an alternative method? (eg Cheque, paypal)

No. All payments must be through our membership system/Stripe.

Can I pay in an alternative currency?

No. All payments are in EUR.

Can I pay off my balance early?

Yes. Please send an email to to request your balance and we’ll issue you a final invoice.

Can I cancel my Instalment plan?

Yes. Subject to the following conditions:

  1. It must be specifically requested by the person who set it up
  2. They will remain a supporting member and this amount will not be returned
  3. Any paid balance in excess of the supporting membership will be returned subject to a 25 EUR charge
  4. Any payment fees to return the balance will be paid by the member

I have a family plan. Can I have an instalment plan?

Yes. However your family plan MUST be set up first.  Please email once the family plan is set up. 

Can I have multiple instalment plans?

Yes. Subject to the following conditions:

  1. You must have a supporting membership as a requisite for each instalment plan
  2. You must make a separate form entry for each instalment plan
  3. You must use your own email address for your membership account to ensure the invoices are sent to you

Can I transfer a membership that I have paid by instalment plan?

A member may (in accordance with membership rules) transfer an instalment plan to another individual only AFTER it is paid off in full. (Family instalment plans may NOT be transferred)

What if I don’t pay off my instalment plan?

We will make every effort to contact you on the email address you provided. However if 30 days after issuing an invoice we have no payment and no responses to our contact, we will terminate the instalment plan.