WSFS Business Meeting

The WSFS business meeting is open to all

The WSFS Business Meeting, which is open to all attending members of the Worldcon, is where the rules of the World Science Fiction Society are changed. This includes the Hugo Award rules and the rules for the selection of future Worldcons.

Guide to the Business Meeting
Our guide to the meeting provides helpful information for first-time attendees and meeting regulars alike. It can be found here.

WSFS Constitution and Rules
The current rules and constitution can be found here.

The agenda is the motions that will be debated at the meeting. It consists of business passed on from last year’s Worldcon (Worldcon 76 in San Jose), and new business submitted this year. Debate times and order will be set at the Preliminary Business Meeting, which begins at 10am on Friday, 16 August in the Stratocaster room in the Gibson Hotel.