The Hugo Awards

The Hugo Awards recognise and celebrate excellence in the field of science fiction and fantasy

The Hugos were first awarded in 1953 they have been awarded every year since 1955.

Dublin 2019 will be responsible for the administration of the 2019 Hugo Awards and tallying the votes at each stage.

The default eligibility period is the preceding calendar year, so for Dublin 2019 the award will be for activity and works released for the first time in 2018.

The process is as follows:

First there is a nomination stage at which members of Dublin 2019 and the 2018 Worldcon, Worldcon 76, can nominate works in each of the categories.

Then a shortlist is drawn up for each category and a ballot issued to the members of Dublin 2019 only, to vote on using a preferential voting system.

Votes are counted and the winners in each category announced at the Hugo ceremony during Dublin 2019.

See for more information and details of past winners.

The award categories, and their definitions, are set out in the WSFS Constitution –


1944 Retrospective Hugos (‘Retro-Hugos’)

Hugo awards can be given retrospectively for any year since 1939 (the first Worldcon) in which no Hugos were awarded, and on an anniversary which is a multiple of 25 years since the year in question.

So far Retro Hugos have been awarded for :-
1939 by Loncon 3 (2014)
1941 by MidameriCon II (2016)
1943 by Worldcon 76 (2018)
1946 by L.A.con III (1996)
1951 by The Millennium Philcon (2001)
1954 by Noreascon 4 (2004)

Dublin 2019 has taken up the option of presenting Hugo Awards retrospectively for 1944 (the 75th anniversary, i.e. for activity and works produced in 1943).

Voters can nominate for the Retro-Hugos in the same categories that are also available for the current year’s Hugos. In practice, the Hugo administrators will only draw up a final ballot for those categories where there are sufficient nominations for a viable contest. Previous Retro-Hugo final ballots have had between 9 and 12 categories.

The 1944 Retrospective Hugo Awards will be announced on the first day of  Dublin 2019, 15 August 2019.