Information on Hosting a Party at Dublin 2019

Dublin 2019 has negotiated a corkage and supply deal with the Convention Centre Dublin (CCD) that will allow us to run the traditional fan parties in convention centre space on each of the four nights of the convention (Thu, Fri, Sat and Sun).

The deal covers the 6 meeting rooms on the Wicklow (second) floor of the CCD. The rooms are right to left – the ECOCEM and Meeting Rooms 1 through 5.





The deal includes switching each room from its daytime programme configuration to the party configuration (and switching them back the next morning) and will include conference chairs, trestle tables, banquet round tables and a 2 m/6 ft tall glass-fronted refrigerator to keep party drinks cold. In addition, each party will be supplied with glasses, ice and cut lemons that will be re-stocked by the CCD as required.

The downside is that the CCD is charging for the staff its needs to bring in to switch the rooms and to service the parties – and Dublin 2019 is passing these costs onto the parties. But at €375 for the largest space (99 sqm/1,065 sqft) and €250 for the smallest space (65 sqm/700 sqft) these costs are lower than the average cost of hiring a similar sized suite in North America – and they come bed free – so you can make use of all the space.

The other notable point is that the CCD is providing a menu of over 1,800 drinks and snacks that you can order through them at more or less cost price. Whilst there is no limit on the amount of soft drinks and snacks you can order – parties are limited to just €300 of alcoholic drinks – but this should be enough allowance to purchase over 50 litres of beer/cider or 12 litres of spirits at the CCD’s offered rates). Once ordered and payed for – the party hosts can relax as these supplies will be delivered to your party direct from the CCD’s cold store – so no volunteers needed to lug stock from hotel rooms to the CCD).

There is provision for parties to bring in specialised stock – items not readily available in Ireland – details about this are available on request. In general, the party stock should be ordered from the CCD.

If you are interested in learning about hosting a party at Dublin 2019, please email us. Move quickly, as we only have space for six parties each night and the bulk stock orders should be with the CCD by the 29th of July.