Diane Duane GOH Writers’ Workshop

Call for submissions to a writers workshop with GOH Diane Duane

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Dublin 2019 is excited to offer a rare chance for aspiring writers to participate in a three-hour writing and critiquing workshop on Thursday, the 15th of August*, led by one of our Guests of Honour, Diane Duane. As her profile will show, the chance to learn from Diane is a valuable one for writers of all levels so this is not to be missed.

This will be both a workshop and a workshop on workshopping!  The workshop will include an hour spent discussing the tools and techniques writers bring to writing in general and the workshopping experience in particular: one hour in active workshopping/critique of selected works submitted by participants, looking at how it’s done as it’s done: and one hour in open Q&A about writing in general and editing/critiquing one’s own work and others’. Participants will learn how to critique responsibly, how to make the best use of workshops and even how to organise their own workshops in future.

Unfortunately, time and space demands mean we are limited to fifteen places for this workshop, for over 18s to verified pre-registered attending Worldcon members only and will be selected via lottery from the applicant pool.

Interested participants should submit a 5,000-word piece along with their name to dduaneworkshop@dublin2019.com no later than July 15th. Submissions that are excerpted from a longer work (novella, novelette, novel…) should come with a one-page precis describing what the full work is about and how the excerpt fits in the larger narrative.

The fifteen lucky participants will be notified within one week of selection and their work will be shared with the other participants in advance of the con. Participants will be expected to read everyone else’s material in advance in preparation for the critiquing portion of the workshop.

*A previous version stated the workshop would be on Sunday — it is in actuality happening on Thursday. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.