From the Chair’s Desk- Happy St Patrick’s day

Happy St Patrick’s day.
I hope you are enjoying the day, where you are.
In Dublin at today’s St Patrick’s day celebrations, Mark Hamill will be in the Presidents stand, marking the connection both his own Irish heritage and his participation in Star Wars, parts of which were filmed in Ireland.
In fiction, it is a joy to read about Ireland. Admittedly, when it comes to comics, I may not be a fan of Black Tom and his Leprechauns taking on the X-men or the vision of Belfast that is portrayed when Spiderman visits. I have enjoyed it when Judge Dredd visited the Emerald Isle, and when John Constantine also visited in the Dangerous Habits storyline in the Hellblazer comic.
As for literature, I could write at length about why and what I love, when fiction is written taking place in Ireland, whether it be Flann O’Briens Third Policeman or Kate Thompson’s The New Policeman. There is always something new, and I was pleased to see the second book of The Call series, The Invasion by Peadar O’Guilin come out this month.
After the parade, I will be watching Rugby with the Dublin 2019 Treasurer, in a bar, as Ireland take on England in the six nations Rugby!
I hope you have a good day.
We are enjoying busy times.
Our prices are rising on the 3rd of April, and that is also an important cut off date for Bid backers and Bid pre-supporters, if you are one of those great people who supported us during our bid phase, you need to know that your discount ends with this price rise, so please take advantage and join up.

To help people afford to come along, we have initiated an instalment plan this week, and will also be launching a family rate, before the price rise. Do watch our social media for that.

Details on the instalment plan are here:
I want encourage you now to join up. Joining before this price rise really helps us, indeed the more people that join earlier, the better we can plan, and be more effective with your money.
Think about coming now, for those who need to, make sure your pasport is in date, or indeed, you have one, think about the trip to Dublin 2019 as a larger adventure to visit Ireland, and for those who have never been to a Worldcon, do get your ‘First Worldcon’ memebrship at the cheapest it will be, it too will rise on the 3rd of April.
Have a lovely St Patricks Day,