Family Plan

If you are bringing your family, a family plan might save you a bit of money.

Family of superheroes

Dublin 2019 is offering a family plan to those members who are traveling with members of their family.   If you sign up for a family plan you will receive 10% off the total costs for the memberships.  In order to lock in today’s price you must buy a supporting membership and fill out the Dublin 2019 Family Plan Request form. Check out the FAQ below if you have any additional questions.

A family plan will consist of  2 “Major” and at least 2 “Minor” Individuals.  A “Major” membership is an individual born on or before 15 August 2001 (18+ on the first day of the convention).  “Minor” memberships are individuals born between 16 August 2001 and 15 August 2013 (ages 6-17 on the first day of the convention)

Types of Memberships

“Major” memberships on the family plan

There must be 2 Major individuals per family plan and one of these must be the legal guardian for every minor.  There are three types of “Major” memberships available: Adult (26+), Young Adult (18-25) or First Worldcon.  A YA membership can take one of the “Major” membership spots on the family plan.  

“Minor” memberships on the family plan

A Minor membership may either be a Child (6-12) or a Young Adult (13-17) as of 15 August 2019 but may *not* be a Young Adult  (18-25) on 15 August 2019 or an Infant (0-5) as of 15 August 2019.  If there are any other Child memberships beyond the first two they may be added for free to the family plan.  If there are any Young Adult memberships that need to be added the cost will be the difference between a Child and the YA pricing.  (As of April 2018 it is currently a 40 EUR difference exclusive of a 10% discount)

General terms

  • Family Plans are offered at the complete discretion of Dublin 2019. They may be amended or withdrawn at any time.
  • Infants (0-5) may not be added to family plans and should be added separately to the individual Major memberships
  • Family plans are not transferable
  • Family plans are not amendable

Single Parent/Guardian Variant

For single parent/guardians the requirement for a 2nd Major individual may be removed if the following conditions are met.

  • The single Major Individual on the plan *MUST* be the legal guardian for ALL minors on the plan
  • Be aware that under the standard variant you may bring another Major individual who is not a guardian of any of the minors. You will not be able to add anyone to the plan at a later stage.
  • There must be at least 3 members on the plan (1 Major + 2 Minors)
  • All other conditions remain the same

How do I apply for a Family plan?

  1. Buy a Supporting membership here:
  2. Fill in the Dublin 2019 Family Plan Request form:
  3. The registration team will then be in touch to send you an invoice for the balance

             *** We aim to respond within 2 weeks ***


Can I use different email address for my family members?

No! We need to link all of your family members to one email address and this *must* be the individual listed as Major 1.

Can I use instalments to pay my family plan?

Yes! But please get the family plan set up first and then apply for the instalment plan separately.

At what price will my family plan be set?

Your family plan will be locked at the price of the day once you’ve filled in our google form. We will issue an invoice for the balance which you will have 30 days to pay. If that lapses without payment, then you will need to start the process over again.

I want to add publications/badge names for my family members

You may do that AFTER we’ve added the members to your membership account. The names provided on the google form are the legal names for the registration system only.

I already have an attending membership for just myself. Can I still apply for a family plan?

Yes.  We’ll add the family members to your existing plan. Just fill in the Google form and we’ll be in touch.

Can there be more than 2 Major Individuals on a family plan?


Can I add my adult children (aged 18+) to my family plan?

Only one is allowed. They may not take up a minor slot.

Is there a limit to the amount of minors to be added to the plan?

No. As long as the rules per guardiancy are met and they are all added to the same Major individual.

Do both Majors have to be guardians of all the Minors on the plan?

No. Only one Major must be a guardian but all minors must have a guardian on the family plan.

Can I add Infants (0-5) to the family plan?

No. Infants should be added directly to your own membership.

Can I transfer my family membership?

No. Family plans are not transferable.


For other questions please email